Current Racial Violence in the U.S.

With the ongoing murders of black men by American police and the most recent hit back of the police killings in Dallas, it is important to recognize that as Muslims, violence against any and all people is against our beliefs. We are deeply impacted by the unjust targets of black males who are often unfairly treated and even killed while in police custody. There is no justification for this and the system in place routinely supports a racist agenda against African American men. At the same time, violence against the police is something that should never be the appropriate response to injustice. It is with sadness that we send out prayers to all the families of the overwhelming number of black men killed by the police as well as the officers who died as a result.

Innah Lillahi wa Innah Illahi Raji3oon. To God we belong and to him we shall return.

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