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Urgent Help Needed for Famine Victims in East Africa

Assalamu Alaikum,

As we know, East Africa is currently experiencing the worst drought in 60 years. It has caused widespread famine that is severely affecting more than 11 million people, mainly women and children. With Ramadan coming up, it is our duty as Muslims to be more mindful of those in need. I invite you to use this holy month to participate in helping people in need in both East Africa and elsewhere. In addition to aiding people in desperate need, you will also be rewarded for “iftar sa’im” or providing the iftar meal for a fasting person. Ramadan is not only a time of massive iftars and celebration, but also a time of reflection and charity. Instead of spending time and resources on iftars in the US, we could use a large portion of that money to feed those starving in East Africa or elsewhere.

Our community has supported people in several other disasters and crises such as the earthquake and flooding in Pakistan, the tsunami disaster in South Asia, and other famines and crises. It is our job again to do our part and help our brothers and sisters in faith and humanity around the world.

There are many organizations that are actively seeking to alleviate the suffering in East Africa. The most prominent of which are Islamic Relief USA and Islamic Relief Worldwide. While these organizations are recommended because of their activism, I urge you to donate generously to any organization of your choice.

These donations can be from your annual zakat- ul-mal, regular sadaqa, or iftar sa’im.

Below are the links to organizations where you can get more information and donate online.

United Nations:

Islamic Relief USA:

Islamic Relief Worldwide:

 If you choose not to donate online, you can donate at your local Masjid or charity. Whatever  you do, may  Allah (SWT) accept it and reward you.

I encourage our Imams and community leaders to spread the word and raise awareness on this issue during Friday Khutbahs.

Please forward this information to anyone who can help the cause.

Wassalamu Alaikum